Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hoops, Touchdowns and Travel . . .

It has been some time since I posted, although I did start this post on September 14th and then got interrupted and several weeks just flew by. That seems to happen on most things I intend to do. September and October were busy months…

Doug thinks having a little girl is very nice. He thinks having a little girl who loves watching football and shooting hoops with her daddy will be GREAT. So Journey’s training has begun. The Saturday of Labor Day weekend we got up early, ate breakfast, and headed to the park. Doug packed his new basketball in the car; I took care of the diaper bag, getting Journey dressed, applying the sunscreen, finding a hat for her to wear, packing a few snacks, getting our water and making sure Pooh was with us. Finally we were off, first stop the basketball court. Doug did a great job demonstrating how to toss the ball through the hoop and then let Journey have a go at it. Unfortunately she was unable to pick up the basketball and, frankly, was more interested in walking in the grass. So Doug practiced his shots a bit more and I chased Journey around the court. Finally we decided that was enough for the first training session and we spent the rest of our time walking in the park and looking at the ducks.

On Labor Day we had planned to go to the Dallas World Aquarium, but while getting ready to leave we heard that Trinity High School football team was playing at Cowboys Stadium along with three other schools. I had been wanting to watch Trinity play (they were State champs last year) and I really wanted to see the new stadium, so it wasn’t difficult to talk Doug into changing our plans and going to the game. And it was an excellent opportunity to get Journey started as a football fan. The stadium was very impressive. She didn’t really show that much interest in football but she loved being able to yell with the crowd, say hi to lots of people and lay down on the marble tiles. While her first football “training session” wasn’t a big success, Doug has had her watch the Cowboy games with him, pointing out the very few touchdowns that have been made in their 6 games, and helping her overcome her serious disappointment when they have lost.

In September we took our first trip to visit family and traveled to Montana to see my mom, sisters, and lots of extended family. Our travel days were long and Journey was not happy to have to be contained while the seatbelt sign was on (let’s just say that I hope we don’t have to fly again for a long, long time), but the week in Billings was great. The weather cooperated and we had warm, sunny days and nice cool nights – a wonderful break from the heat in Texas. Besides being able to spend time with my family, a childhood friend flew in from Seattle and we were able to get together one evening and catch up on the last 30 years. While Journey was a big hit with the family and did really well meeting so many new people, the trip itself was a little unsettling for her and she had trouble sleeping while there and for several weeks after we returned home. She has just started sleeping through the night, but we will soon be taking another trip to visit Doug’s dad in Nashville. The very best thing about the trip was that Doug and Journey were able to finally bond. In the mornings she would sit on his lap and they would look at pictures on the computer while I took a shower. Before the trip she wouldn’t let me out of her sight so this was definitely answered prayer. Since we have been home they have grown even closer and have actually gone on daddy-daughter dates to the park without me. Thank you, Lord.

Journey continues to grow in her new environment and learn new words. Her teething is getting better and so she is eating more and even willing to try tasting a few new things. She is still VERY busy and keeps us hopping, but we’re having the time of our lives.