Friday, October 16, 2009

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first child from China (LID 4/5/06). We are creating this site so our friends and family can follow our journey to bring her home. You'll notice I said "her." We have requested a little girl and have yet to choose a name, although we have a long list of possibilities!

The process for adopting from China begins with submitting a dossier to the Chinese governmental agency (CCAA) which approves and processes all adoptions. When they receive a dossier they assign it a log-in date (LID) and everything going forward happens based on a person's LID - approval of the request to adopt and, eventually, the referral. China announced on 10/13/09 that they had processed referrals through 3/28/06. This means they have contacted the US adoption agencies who have submitted dossiers for their clients and the agencies have received pictures and health information on the childen assigned to each family. This is a very exciting day as it is the first time that they will "meet" their child. Once the family accepts the referral, they will begin the process of receiving their dates of travel to China to bring their child home. CCAA updates agencies on a monthly basis. The 3/28/06 announcement included 4 days worth of dossiers. The current wait time for new applicantions to China is about 4 years until referral. When we first started the process the wait time was 12-15 months.

Thank you so very much for following our journey. We appreciate the prayers and words of encouragement from our family and friends over the many months of our wait and hope to introduce you to our daughter within the next couple of months.